Concerts in and around Paris

Shine and Gaudeamus, the youth and young adult ensembles at the American Church, gave their own concerts and participated in group concerts in and around Paris.  

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Church Services and Concerts

The ACP Children's and Youth Choirs and Handbell / Handchime ensembles participated regularly in Sunday services. They also performed in their own concerts, as well as in all-church concerts.

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Carte jeunes au Louvre

In 2006, the artist Nathalie Talec organized a performance - "High Fidelity" - at the Louvre to celebrate the "Carte Jeunes". The Youth Choir at the American Church was invited…

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Fête de la musique

Two years in a row, the American Church in Paris Youth Choirs (Shine & Gaudeamus) were invited to sing in the rue de Varenne for the Fête de la musique…

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Music Learning Links

Here are some links to interesting resources on other sites, to help learn music... and to learn about music. I'll update it as I find things to add. Have fun!…

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Les grands monuments

Cette activité permet de travailler l'expression orale et la compréhension orale / écrite. Les apprenants peuvent également travailler la voix passive. Il y a trois documents : des cartes d'information…

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Famous monuments

This activity targets reading, speaking and listening, and can help students practice the passive voice. There are three documents: a sheet with information cards about famous monuments from around the…

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