GET – Phrasal Verb with Synonyms and Examples

Phrasal verbs with “get” are difficult to learn; there are so many of them, and sometimes the meaning isn’t quite clear. Here are a few to get you started. Below is a list of the phrasal verbs, with synonyms and examples. Once you feel ready, you can try the related activities (see below.)

Phrasal VerbSynonymsExample
get acrosscommunicate, conveyI really hope I get my message across in the meeting this afternoon.
get along (with)have a good relationship withMy colleagues get along very well; they have lunch together a few times a week.
get overrecover fromI still can’t get over how impolite he was the other day!
get aroundspread / circulate; circumventThe company hasn’t made the announcement officially yet, but the news is getting around that you’re being promoted.
get atreach; implyWhat exactly are you getting at? Please come to the point!
get awayescape; take a holidayWe really need to get away for a few days, it’s been ridiculously busy lately.
get downbecome depressedListening to the news really gets me down these days.
get on (someone)remind someone to do somethingYou’re going to have to get on him about finishing that report; we’re going to need it in a few days.
get out ofavoid (doing something)I’m hoping to get out of dinner with the clients tonight, I’m exhausted!
get bymanageDon’t think about work while you’re on vacation – we’ll get by just fine.
get outleave, escapeYour attitude is unacceptable; get out right now.
get rid ofthrow awayShe’s made so many mistakes… I really wish we could get rid of her!
get away withnot get caught doing something wrongHe’s been cheating the company for years, but now we know what he’s been doing. He won’t get away with it!
get upstand; rise from bedI get up early four times a week so I can spend an hour at the gym before work.
get aheadadvance, succeedIf the exposition goes well, it will help me to get ahead at work.
get backretrieve something; return to a placeI lent him a book last summer; I don’t think I’ll ever get it back now that he’s left the company.
get ingo into a car for exampleHey – I’ll drop you at the train station. Get in!
get toarrive atWhat time do we get to Athens? I’ll make sure there’s a taxi waiting for us at the airport.