American Church in Paris Youth MUSIC

For over 25 years, Bonnie worked with the children, youth and young adults of the American Church in Paris. She helped the program grow until it included singing and handbell ensembles for the little ones (Cherub Choir), elementary-age children (Children’s Choir and Handbells), teens (Shine) and young adults (Gaudeamus).

All of the ensembles regularly participated in church services. 

Shine and Gaudeamus gave numerous concerts both in the American Church itself and in the areas around Paris. Some highlights include singing in the rue de Varenne for the Fête de la musique (at the invitation of two different French Prime ministers), singing and playing (barefoot!) for the 10th anniversary of the Carte Jeune at the Louvre, recording for Bob Sinclar, and singing major works in concert, including Benjamin Britten’s “Ceremony of Carols”, accompanied by a harpist from the French Orchestre National.



Messe brève (Léo Delibes)

Ceremony of Carols (Benjamin Britten)



Carte jeunes au Louvre

In 2006, the artist Nathalie Talec organized a performance – “High Fidelity” – at the Louvre to celebrate the “Carte Jeunes”. The Youth Choir at

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Children and youth from the ACP recorded vocals for two tracks on Bob Sinclar’s album “Western Dream”, “Give a Lil’ Love” and “In the Name of Love.”