Professional Development

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Professional Development for Teachers

Pre-service / initial and in-service PLD, in both school settings and university programs (undergraduate and graduate)

Corporate Training

General and specialized training in a variety of industries: pharmaceutical, water treatment, retail, manufacturing…

General Education

  • Theories of learning / Learner differences
  • Teaching approaches and strategies
  • Questioning strategies
  • Active learning
  • Project-based teaching
  • Games in the classroom
  • Critical thinking and note-taking strategies

Language Teaching Methodology (ESOL, FLE)

  • Language-teaching strategies and approaches
  • Theories of language acquisition / bilingualism
  • Classroom English for teachers (non-native speakers)
  • Supporting ELLs (English-language learners)
  • CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning)
  • Authentic documents in the classroom
  • Technology for language learning
  • Role-plays and techniques to improve oral production


  • Teaching with handchimes: meeting standards in a new way
  • Vocal technique: working with young voices
  • Choral conducting
  • Bespoke programs for the French National Education ministry


  • French and English (business language, language for negotiations, the language of meetings…)
  • Making effective presentations (preparation of engaging visual aids, timing, speaking skills…)
  • Public speaking skills (body language, breathing and voice projection, articulation / pronunciation…)
  • Reading technical documents (creation and licensing of a pedagogical method, including teachers’ manual)
  • Writing reports and professional communications

Cultural Understanding and Soft Skills

  • Onboarding for expat employees
  • Crisis management through intercultural understanding
  • Assertiveness training for the service industry
  • Decision-making and critical thinking using mind maps and graphic organizers
  • Clear communication: writing in simple, effective English

Music in the Workplace

  • Breathing and singing for focus and relaxation
  • Handchimes and handbells for team-building
  • Choral workshops for professional teams (the choral ensemble as a metaphor)
  • In-house music ensembles and performances