English (ESOL)

English as an additional language (EAL): elementary (France, UAE), secondary and university level courses (Université de Cergy-Pontoise; DEUG and DESS), made-to-measure courses for numerous companies. General English and English for Special Purposes, exam and test preparation.


French as a foreign language (FLE) from the elementary level (France, UAE) through to the university level (Middlebury College French School). Oral production, academic writing, reading techniques, learning through games and creative activities… Coaching, tutoring and translating.


Elementary / secondary music, vocal and instrumental technique, choral and handbell directing. All ages, from toddlers to adults (France, UAE.) Music for special needs children and adults (Paris, St. Dizier)

Training and Professional Development

Language-Teaching Methodology

Graduate and undergraduate courses in language-teaching methodology and language acquisition. Teacher Knowledge Test support (language and teaching knowledge.) (Middlebury College French School, Université de Lille III)

Teacher Training

Pre- and in-service teacher development: learner differences, active learning, critical thinking, supporting ELLs, authentic documents and technology in the classroom, learning theories and teaching approaches (Middlebury College French School, Paris, Lille, Dubai.) Education musicale : formation de maîtres (ADIAM 95, Paris et banlieues)

Cultural Understanding and Soft Skills

Intercultural training sessions in the corporate setting, onboarding for expats, crisis-management through intercultural understanding; teamwork, assertiveness, presentation skills, communication and teamwork through music (France, Dubai).


English and French

Personalized approach to starting a language, preparing for interviews, speeches and presentations, or improving general fluency in French and English. Sessions are tailor-made, and based on learning preferences (kinesthetic, analytical, musical…)

Test Preparation

Skills and tools for test-taking and academic / general writing. Visual and logical thinking, vocabulary enrichment, stylistic appropriateness.

Professional Preparation

Help preparing interviews, presentations, meetings and speeches in both French and English.

Singing and Voicework

Individual and group coaching in voicework and singing, including for those who believe they can’t sing. Healthy breathing and voice production, finding one’s “true” voice and sharing it with confidence. Assistance in music-reading and interpretation.

Educational Management

Training Program Management

Creation, development and management of training programs (French, English, Music, Teacher Training). Needs analysis and placement testing, program development, teacher observation, budget management, contract negotiation, client prospecting and follow-up (Paris, Dubai)

Educational Content Creation

Content Creation and E-Learning

  • Development of a handchime manual for elementary classroom and secondary music teachers
  • Creation and licensing of a method to teach adult EAL beginners to read technical documents in English
  • Creation of general and “out of the box” activities for Middlebury Interactive’s online French-learning platform; content management and design.
  • Development and maintenance of resource websites for my own students