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English-language teaching – ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages.) General and specialized courses and programs.


French as a foreign language (FLE) teaching and tutoring. Oral production, academic writing, reading techniques, learning through games and creative activities.


Music theory, vocal and instrumental technique, choral and handbell directing. All ages, from toddlers to adults. Over 35 years experience.

Elementary, secondary and university level courses

  • Preparation of French elementary students for foreign exchange programs – Paris, Chicago
  • Literary English and Translation – Université de Cergy-Pontoise; DEUG
  • English for the Tourism Industry – Université de Cergy-Pontoise; DESS

English in the Corporate Setting

  • General English, specialized English, bespoke programs for numerous companies and industries in Paris and surrounding areas (25 years experience)
  • Specialized English: pharmaceutical, medical, water and waste treatment, retail, tourism, education…

Academic tutoring and test preparation

  • Private tutoring for all ages (children to adults) – Paris, Dubai
  • IELTS test preparation – Dubai
  • TOEFL and Cambridge test preparation – Paris

French in schools and universities

  • Elementary French: making language learning fun – ADNOC School, Ruwais, UAE
  • Undergraduate and graduate (Master’s) French courses – Middlebury College French School, Vermont, USA

Coaching and tutoring

  • Preparation of American elementary students for foreign exchange programs – Chicago, Paris
  • Private tutoring for all ages (children to adults) – Paris area, Dubai

E-learning content development

  • Creation of general and “out of the box” activities for Middlebury Interactive’s online French-learning platform; content management and design.
  • Development and maintenance of resource websites for my own students

Music in an academic context

  • Music theory, music appreciation, handbells and handchimes, piano and guitar instruction, choral directing and voice instruction – French National primary and secondary schools (specialist role), Paris and surrounding suburbs (25 years experience)

Community music teaching

  • Music theory, handbells and handchimes, choral programs – American Church in Paris, churches in the US and in the Paris area
  • Learning music through singing: numerous programs in community centers in Paris and surrounding areas

Music for special needs children and adults

  • Music for autistic/Down’s Syndrome children and adults – St. Dizier, France
  • Singing and rhythm for special education classes – Paris area

Private teaching and tutoring

  • Vocal teaching and coaching: finding your voice
  • Instrumental lessons: piano, guitar, handbells and handchimes; initiation sessions for any string, wind or percussion instrument